Date : November 22, 2019

Shalicious Empire Sdn Bhd was established in 2015 and grow in health and beauty ventures. Years by years, Shalicious has spread its market not only in Malaysia but also Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Shalicious is a well-known brand that sell supplement and also cosmetics. Supplement consisted by 3 product which are Mixberry Powder, Glowee Oat and NV Colly meanwhile the cosmetics are stand by C Shine Skincare, Foundation and BB Cushion.

As you know, NV Colly are only marketed in Indonesia because the demand of the products are too high. Shalicious will be the greater one that supply the supplements there instead of the people are really love the Shalicious products.

This business are managed by Sha Hasan and her husband Al Hafiz Zakaria since 2015. They’re started this business without any staff and she just stand with her personal branding through Instagram, but now she can be proud with her successful where she get her owned building and get a great team which are staff, dropship, agent and also stockist.



All of these product are created for local customer and foreign customer that have problems towards their skin as we already know that too much of consumers are suffered with the skin problem whether it’s about acne or pigmentation.

Shalicious products have a high level of qualities and comes from the Korean technology as the demand of the consumers are too high and the skin problem that they had are too worst and need some treat. By the way, the price of the products are quite affordable and the consumers can afford it as well.

Sha Hasan always believed that technology nowadays is a great medium and channel to explore the market and expand the business internationally.

Hope that one day Shalicious Empire will be top 1 in the eyes of the world.

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